What we do

Australian Chamber Orchestra: ACO Virtual photo by Jack Saltmiras

Australian Chamber Orchestra: ACO Virtual photo by Jack Saltmiras

Arts NSW is the NSW Government’s arts and culture policy and investment body. We invest in the success and future of arts and culture in NSW through our infrastructure and funding programs, and targeted strategies. We work collaboratively with the NSW cultural institutions, the arts and cultural sector and partners within government. We make opportunities for more people to shape and experience the arts.

Results areas

Arts NSW is part of NSW Department of Justice, and we work to:

  • increase investment in the arts
  • support a positive business environment in NSW
  • achieve excellence in client service and delivery.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Accountability

Why the arts matter

Experimenting with new ideas, challenging audiences and experiencing new ways of working are all central to the arts. Artists encourage us to see things anew.

The arts promote a culture of learning, inquiry and creativity. They bring together diverse communities, respecting their distinct tradition and strengthening understanding.

Arts and cultural expression are an important part of our daily lives, are part of our identity and reflect our values.

Our priorities

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