Support Material

Support material plays a vital role in the application process.

It is a way for you to strengthen your application by providing the assessment panel with the opportunity to view your work and for you to confirm details such as the involvement of key artists, partnership arrangements, letters of support and other sources of funding.

All additional support material must be sent with your application through the online system.

Support material should be carefully selected so it bears direct relevance to your application and the assessment criteria. To do this, keep the following in mind:

1. Recent and relevant support material

Work samples (i.e. still images, videos of performances, extracts from published works) should be as recent and relevant as possible.

Letters of confirmation must be directly related to the program / project (not a general letter of support for the organisation). Where there is in-kind support, financial support and partnership arrangements, the letter should confirm these details. Emails are acceptable, but they need to include appropriate email signatures and dates.

2. Required support material

Most funding categories have some required support material. You will need to attach this material to your application for it to be eligible for consideration by the assessment panel.

You may have other support material you wish to include with the application. This material can be included, limits permitting.

3. Addresses the assessment criteria

Work samples need to directly support the Program/Project Merit criteria.

Letters of confirmation and other support material may address one or more of the assessment criteria (e.g. a letter of confirmation from a partner organisation may address the Benefits and Organisational Capacity criteria)


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