Arts NSW has a range of forms to assist you in all stages of the grant process.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorisation form Use this form to provide your banking details if you are awaiting a payment from Arts NSW.
  • Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) Agreement formUse this form to agree to receiving recipient generated tax invoices from Arts NSW when receiving your grant funds.
  • Acquittal form Use this form to evaluate and report on outcomes and expenditure of funds provided by Arts NSW. All funding recipients are to provide Arts NSW with an acquittal for their funded program/project. Acquittal forms are accessed through the Arts NSW online application system. Please contact Arts NSW staff on the number below to have the form uploaded to your application in the online application system.
  • Variation Form: Variations are submitted online through Arts NSW’s grants portal in SmartyGrants. To discuss any changes to your funded activity and the online variation process please contact:

For Performing Arts

Email: performing.arts

Telephone: 02 9995 0959

For Visual Arts, Museums, Literature and New Media

Email: visual.arts

Telephone: 02 9995 0371

All Arts NSW PDF forms need to be completed using Adobe Reader (version 9.1 or above). You can download the latest version for free here.

Please note: due to a compatibility issue with Adobe these forms can currently only be downloaded using Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Forms cannot be downloaded using other browsers, including Chrome and Safari.  Alternatively contact Arts NSW staff to request a copy.

Digital Signatures

All Arts NSW PDF forms can be signed using digital signatures. A digital signature can be created through Adobe Reader by clicking in any signature field and following the step-by-step ‘wizard’ which will guide you through the process. Digital signatures are password protected and verify when the document was signed and if any changes have been made to the document since it has been signed. You only need to create your digital signature once and then it will be available each time you want to sign a PDF on your computer.

Information for Mac users: Mac users need to use Adobe Reader for Mac and not the Mac PDF preview program to fill out Arts NSW forms.

To make Adobe Reader your default program for opening PDF documents:

1. Close any open programs or files.
2. Navigate to your Mac’s Finder then click on any PDF file to select the file type. Click File and Get Info.
3. Click the down arrow next to Open With. Scroll down the list of programs and select Adobe Reader.
4. Click the Change All button to set Adobe Reader as the default application for opening PDF files. Then click the red button in the left corner of the Get Info box to accept the change.

Once you’ve done this, re-open the form and check there is a purple message at the top saying ‘You CAN save typed data into this form’.

How to submit your form

The preferred submission method is email. Please return your completed form to the email address shown on the form. You will receive an email acknowledging that your form has been received. If you are unable to return your form by email, please contact Arts NSW staff.

For further information on any of these forms please contact Funding Administration

Freecall: 1800 358 594 (NSW) or
Telephone: (02) 9995 0533

Access requirements

If you require assistance completing and/or sending your form, please call us on the numbers above or to make a National Relay Service call:

  • Type and read, type and listen, or speak and read
    133 677 or 1800 555 677 to call a toll-free 1800 number
  • Speak and listen (speech to speech relay)
    1300 555 727 or 1800 555 727 to call a toll-free 1800 number
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