Owling around with Meagan Pelham

Photo of Meagan Pelham, 2015. Photo: Studio A

Photo of Meagan Pelham, 2015. Photo: Studio A

Studio A’s resident romantic Meagan Pelham has a weakness for owls, weddings, cocktails and limos. All of which proliferate throughout her art work.

Meagan’s preference for passion and love has empowered her with an ability to infuse even the most banal items with a sense of romance.

Meagan’s Grazing Owls feature on the 2015 Arts NSW Christmas e-card and December eNews.

Arts NSW asked Meagan to share her story with us and this is what we found out:

What is the best thing about being an artist?

Being an artist is awesome…wonderful! It’s my future! It’s my favorite thing to be an artist, whilst I’m alive I want to be an artist forever.

Flying owls, wedding brides, wedding limo’s (limousines), drinking cocktails and mocktails, true love stories, history, moments, and my dreams are my favorite things. One day, I will get married with Prince Charming.

I like selling my love story owls, writing stories, romantic stories and poems. I’ve got Love everyday. Its fun to be an artist!

Being an artist is fun, creative and colorful.

I’m a talented artist with a disability and art helps me with skills to be independent, and to get a job as a famous artist.

What is it about owls that inspires you to draw them?

I love owls – they are my favorite animals. I watched Harry Potter with my Dad, and there were owls in this movie. My dog Bonnie liked to watch this movie as well. This movie inspired me to make and draw owls. I have good memories, and good experiences from them.

What are you currently working on?

Owls. Owl Love and Passion Love.

I’ve been making owl puppets (hand puppets) with textiles. They are made from fabric, with posca, sewing and beading on them. I’ve also been making soft sculpture fabric owls that I call Ogre Owls.

How do you go about getting your artwork out there?

Studio A helps us to sell artwork and to make money. They help us to be famous. We have lots of exhibitions, take lots of photos of the work which we send to Gab, Harriet and Emma to put on Facebook and Instagram. People see the work and love it! Then people buy it! I love it! It’s beautiful!

Why do you think art is important?

Its fun! I love it in my life! Because it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I just love being able to do lots of beautiful artwork and owls. Art is good for everyone! Amazing artwork brings joy to everyone, including to all my favorite people – I love it.

About Studio A

Studio A creates professional pathways for artists with disability, so they can achieve their artistic and economic aspirations.

As a member of Studio A, Meagan has undertaken collaborations with Erth Physical Theatre, Koskela’s creative studio and UNSW Art and Design.

Meagan has exhibited work at NG Gallery in 2013, and was selected to exhibit work in Soft Knife at the Casula Powerhouse in 2014.

Arts NSW recognise Studio A as industry leaders in the arts and disability sector. Its reputation for excellence is demonstrated by the sustained relationships it has developed with premier artists and arts organisations.

Studio A have exhibited in both national and international exhibitions. In 2014 the collective presented work at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and in 2015 Studio A artworks featured at both the Underbelly Arts Festival (Cockatoo Island) and Sydney Contemporary (Carriageworks).

For more information about Meagan Pelham and Studio A, please visit: www.studioa.org.au/ 

Studio A is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). For more information about the Arts and Cultural Development Program, please click here.

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