Create in NSW: NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework

Create in NSW: NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework

Create in NSW: NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework

The NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework is a key NSW Government commitment under Goal 27 of NSW 2021: A Plan to Make NSW Number One.


Following sector and community consultation, Premier Mike Baird with the Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts, Troy Grant, announced Create in NSW: NSW Arts and Cultural Policy Framework on 26 February, 2015.

Create in NSW is a platform for our arts and cultural sector, our communities and our business and government partners to collaboratively shape our cultural future. It supports vibrant arts and cultural activity across our State. Built on three mutually reinforcing ambitions – excellence, access and strength – Create in NSW will guide future strategy, investment and partnerships to grow a thriving, globally connected arts and cultural sector with and for the people of NSW.

Arts NSW will play a strategic leadership role in implementing the policy framework and ongoing engagement with the sector.

Download the full policy framework here

Download the accessible version of the full policy framework here

Download the summary brochure here

Download the accessible version of the summary brochure here


Our Ambitions


  • Excellence is possible when artists are supported to be bold and ambitious. Excellent art and culture is about life-changing experiences that can have intellectual, emotional and social impacts. Excellence manifests in art, events and programs that are relevant and connect with communities in new ways. This in turn cultivates diverse perspectives. Excellence is also about reflecting our distinctive strengths.
  • Our ambition for excellence will be achieved through a focus on:
    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Aboriginal arts and culture
    • International connections
    • Revitalising infrastructure


  • Access is about welcoming people to participate in the artistic and cultural life of NSW. The NSW Government is dedicated to increasing participation. We want people to encounter art as part of their daily lives.
  • Two key themes underpin our ambition to increase access:
    • Participation
    • Arts for young people.


  • Of great importance to the arts and cultural sector is the talent and capacity of its practitioners and workers. The NSW Government’s goal is to make the State a location of choice for the mobile and innovative creative workforce.
  • Building strength in arts and culture in NSW will be achieved through:
    • Professional development
    • Business sustainability
    • Networks and partnerships
    • Research and evaluation.


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