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Taik Oz, Origin of O. Photo: Michael Chin

Taik Oz, Origin of O. Photo: Michael Chin

Arts & Cultural Development Program

The Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP) supports a resilient and vibrant arts and cultural sector to deliver quality arts and cultural experiences to diverse audiences across New South Wales.

The ACDP represents a renewal and re-thinking of the NSW Government’s support for arts and culture. We will fund projects and programs that are capable of creating the greatest impact and value.

The ACDP is guided by three major objectives:

A creative and vibrant NSW arts and cultural sector renowned for excellence and innovation (Quality)

We address the notion of quality within our arts and cultural sector through a focus on creativity, vibrancy, excellence and innovation in our decision making across all artforms and cultural collections.

By seeking out and supporting these qualities we will foster an ambitious, contemporary and progressive sector that is inspired locally, but has national and international appeal.

State-wide engagement with diverse audiences and communities (Reach)

We want everyone in NSW enjoying the benefits that come from experiencing and participating in arts and culture. The ACDP aims to make projects and programs accessible.

A resilient NSW arts and cultural sector (Health)

We want to continue to build on the expertise and creativity active in our arts and cultural organisations. So we will be working to increase their resilience through the exploration of new working methods and new income streams. Building resilience will ensure continuity, and through that continuity we can be sure of maintaining the high quality of NSW arts, experiences and cultural activities.

The ACDP replaces the previous program, the Arts Funding Program, following a review conducted in 2013.

Download the ACDP Guidelines

Download the ACDP Q & A

Download the ACDP Snapshot

Download the ACDP Factsheet

If you have further questions about the ACDP please contact Arts NSW. Up to date contact details are available here.

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