Fresh-AIR program features at MCA’s National Centre for Creative Learning

Value Your Mind, the October drop-in event at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s National Centre for Creative Learning as part of Mental Health Month, featured works of students from Woniora Road School that use art-making to map and navigate the students’ emotional landscapes.

These works have been produced through the Fresh AIR program which supports Shopfront’s residency at Woniora Road School that  caters for secondary students with emotional disorders and mental health issues. Through Fresh AIR students and staff have worked with artists Howard Matthew (visual/digital) and Michael Moebus (musician/sound) over the last 18 months to produce visual, video, sound and installation works.

As well as taking part in collaborative art-making and creative experimentation to raise mental health awareness, visitors could experience the interactive and sensory Jackson Bella Room created by artist David Capra featuring his collaborator Teena, the dachshund. David and Teena were in conversation with arts writer Carrie Miller about her search for the perfect ‘mind dog’, a furry pal who helps when it comes to managing the world’s pressures.

Value Your Mind was done in partnership with Northern Sydney Local Health District Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Specialist Rehabilitation Service. If you would like to find out more about this initiative please click here.

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Published: 19 October 2015