What moves you to move?

Being Moved participant Ragda Rima during the workshop process. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

Being Moved participant Ragda Rima during the workshop process. Photo: Heidrun Lohr.

BEING MOVED is an initiative of Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) produced in partnership with Woodville Alliance. The project invited 14 clients from Woodville to explore dance with choreographer Linda Luke and photographer Heidrun Löhr.

Linda Luke’s dance practice is a methodology called Bodyweather, founded in Japan by the renowned dancer, Min Tanaka. Based on the philosophy that sees the body as a unique ecosystem that moves in its own extraordinary way. Bodyweather allows dance to become not about how high one can jump, but rather how much one can pay attention to the details of movement.

The BEING MOVED publication unfolded throughout eight workshops with Linda. Beyond offering a process to the participants through dance, this publication emerged out of a desire to collaborate to create something tangible, something to hold. Performance photographer Heidrun Löhr worked with Linda and the participants during the eight sessions, in order to capture the essence of what each participant had to offer in their creative expression.

BEING MOVED is the result.

Linda Luke described working with the participants from Woodville Alliance as an “exploratory and expansive process.” The group engaged in exercises to open their perceptions and sensitivity and developed new ways to make movement for dance.

BEING MOVED was launched at PYT on December 3, International Day of People with Disability.

Watch this short animation on BEING MOVED:

You can order your copy of the publication by emailing admin@pyt.com.au

PYT is the leading professional youth theatre company in Western Sydney, situated in Fairfield. PYT creates new, innovative and inclusive performing arts opportunities led by collaborative processes and participation. Its work is inspired by local community and engages with concepts of cultural diversity.

Woodville Alliance is a not-for-profit community organisation in Greater Western Sydney. For over twenty years Woodville has been working toward healthier, happier lives for its community: those who are homeless, have disabilities, experience mental health worries, struggle with families or feel left behind in life.

BEING MOVED is proudly supported by Fairfield City Council.

Arts NSW supports Powerhouse Youth Theatre by providing multi-year program funding through the Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP). If you would like to find out more about the ACDP please click here.  


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Published: 7 December 2015