The NSW Premier’s History Awards

Congratulations to the 2015 recipients of the NSW Premier’s History Awards! The winners of the 2015 Awards were announced on Friday 4 September 2015.

The NSW Premier’s History Awards were first presented in 1997 to honour distinguished achievement in history by Australian citizens and permanent residents. The awards assist in establishing values and standards in historical research and publication and encourage everyone to appreciate and learn from the work of our historians.

Past winners have included KS Inglis, Patricia Jalland, Inga Clendinnen, Bruce Scates and Raelene Frances, Trevor Graham, Christopher Clark, Nadia Wheatley and Grace Karskens.

The New South Wales Premier’s History Awards are administered by the State Library of NSW in association with Arts NSW. We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the History Council of NSW.

2015 NSW Premier’s History Awards

Australian History Prize

Winner: The Europeans in Australia, Volume 3: Nation Alan Atkinson (NewSouth Books)


The Bush: Travels in the Heart of Australia Don Watson (Penguin Books Australia)

Where Song Began: Australia’s Birds and How They Changed the World Tim Low (Penguin Books Australia)

Australian First World War History Prize

Joint Winners:

Anzac, the Unauthorised Biography Carolyn Holbrook (NewSouth Books)

The Lost The Lost Legions of Fromelles, The True Story of the Most Dramatic Battle in Australia’s History Peter Barton (Allen & Unwin)

General History Prize

Winner: Intolerant Bodies: A Short History of Autoimmunity
Warwick Anderson and Ian R Mackay (Johns Hopkins University Press)


Crisis of the Wasteful Nation: Empire and Conservation in Theodore Roosevelt’s America
Ian Tyrrell (University of Chicago Press)

Wild Man from Borneo: A Cultural History of the Orangutan
Robert Cribb, Helen Gilbert and Helen Tiffin (University of Hawai’i Press)

New South Wales Community and Regional History Prize

Winner: The Luck of the Irish: How a Shipload of Convicts Survived the Wreck of the Hive to Make a New Life in Australia Babette Smith (Allen & Unwin)


Leisure Space: The Transformation of Sydney 1945-1970
edited by Judith O’Callaghan and Paul Hogben (NewSouth Publishing)

The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History
Cameron Muir (Routledge-Earthscan)

Young People’s History Prize

Winner: My Gallipoli Ruth Starke and Robert Hannaford (Working Title Press)


A-Z of Convicts in Van Diemen’s Land Simon Barnard (Text Publishing)

Lennie the Legend: Solo to Sydney by Pony Stephanie Owen Reeder (NLA Publishing)

Multimedia History Prize

Winner: Brilliant Creatures Dan Goldberg and Margie Bryant

(Mint Pictures & Serendipity Productions)


A History of Forgetting: From Shellshock to PTSD Lorena Allam and Timothy Nicastri (ABC Radio National)

The Dalfram Dispute 1938: Pig Iron Bob Sandra Pires (Why Documentaries)

All nominated works must have been first published, broadcast, screened or made publicly available between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015.

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Published: 5 September 2015